I’ve never been a huge Ben Stiller fan. I can handle small doses and I’m completely cool with his more serious roles. Luckily this movie is less of a “wacky, zany” comedy and more of an independent dramedy, which is right up my alley. Noah Baumbach is awesome here. The writing is entertaining and heartfelt as the direction is visually intriguing and never bland or boring. The movie is about a guy who house sits for his brother as he tries to figure himself out. In the process we find out what he’s been up to and his odd relationships old and beautifully new. Ben Stiller plays this guy, Greenberg, who is really self absorbed but we come to find that it’s mainly his defense mechanism to avoid dealing with real issues. His brother’s assistant, Florence keeps an eye on things and basically is to be there to help Greenberg with errands and anything else needed. Greta Gerwig rocks the role in such a charming and innocent way that it’s hard not to wish her better than the grumpy Greenberg. All in all, I really enjoyed this movie. It wasn’t a huge plot of laughs and explosives but just life itself. Snotty critics and douche elitist are quick to write this movie off as “mumblecore”. Yes, the new definition of low budget quirky dramas is “mumblecore”. What the hell is that? Sorry, but this is a movie of timeless depth. It’s a movie about human nature and those have been around a long time. I found the movie entertaining, enthralling, and kind of inspirational. If you’re into movies that doesn’t spoon feed itself to you then you’d most likely like this movie as much as I did. See it! See it now!

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