Piper Perabo

I always thought “Coyote Ugly” was her first movie, but I was wrong. Apparently “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle” was first. I remember her in and being amused by her timing and presence. The fact that her name was “Karen Sympathy” made her hard to forget in that. But yeah, apparently that was her first movie and “Coyote Ugly” was her second. Of course we’ve all seen “Coyote Ugly” and all of its awesomeness. You think I’m being sarcastic, but I’m not. Anything with dancing women and John Goodman is cool in my book. She won an MTV Movie Award for “Best Music Moment” from the scene where she sang “One Way or Another”. In retrospect, the movie sort of serves as a more adult version of “Bring It On”. Regardless she did well in it and looked great while doing it.

She then went all indie for awhile until getting tangled in the wicked web that was the “Cheaper By The Dozen” franchise. She played the oldest daughter in both the 2003 remake and the 2005 sequel. I knew she was in it, but I can’t really remember much more about her being there. No matter what you think about the movies, they served the purpose for her to get a chance to have Steve Martin play her father. So with Steve Martin AND John Goodman playing her father at a point in time, she might win the “coolest film dads” award… if it existed outside of my mind.

Anywho, She continued with some more lesser known roles and smaller appearances. She was in “The Presige”, “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”, and even on “House”. In 09 she had her Broadway debut in Neil LaBute’s “reasons to be pretty”. On July 13th 2010 (Hey! That’s today!), she debuts as the lead in the new spy show on USA called “Covert Affairs”. It looks more promising than I’d like to admit. Most of those USA shows all look and feels the same, but this one just might be different. Piper Perabo is in it! It’s at least got THAT going for it.

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